Where do you get your shrimp?

Lawrence’s Fish & Shrimp is proud to sell domestically caught shrimp. The bulk of our shrimp (a whopping 10,000 pounds per month!) comes from the Gulf of Mexico and is harvested by American based companies in the southern United States.

Is everything at Lawrence’s fried?

Fried food is our specialty, and we take great care to insure that what we serve our guest is the highest quality product. But we know that not everyone likes fried food, so we offer our signature boiled shrimp which you can peel yourself. They are prepared using our proprietary blend of spices, and are so delicious that you’ll wonder how you ever settled for the bland shrimp sold elsewhere! We also offer salads made fresh daily with an option of grilled chicken breast or boiled shrimp.

how many shrimp come in a full/half pound?

Typically there are 12-14 shrimp in a order of shrimp and about 6-8 in a half order.

What kind of Fish is used in Fish Chips?

We use breaded, boneless and skinless, wild caught alaskan pollack fillets for our fish chips.

"I ordered 'fish and chips', why didn't i get any chips?"

We do not sell fish and chips at Lawrence’s. Our fish chips are breaded pieces of fish that are sold in half and full orders. Typically, there are 12-14 pieces of fish chips in a full order. Sides and anything else are sold separately.

Are shrimp safe to eat?

Of course! The Environmental Defense Fund (edf.org) recommends eating shrimp at least 4 times per month, and Mayo Clinic (MayoClinic.com) lists shrimp as one of the safest seafoods for pregnant women to eat, along with crab, pollock, catfish and cod. Shrimp are a great source of protein and are low in calories.

How are your fish caught?

Our sources for shrimp and fish use devices which meet U.S. requirements for the protection of sea turtles and other endangered maratime species.

Do you accept debit and credit cards?

We take credit cards with a valid picture ID or signature

Does it come with Fries?

Our menu items are sold separately, fries are not included with anything.
If you would like to add fries, you can make it a dinner/combo which adds fries, a dinner roll and either cole slaw or a drink for an additional charge. You are also able to add just a small or large order of fries to any ticket.

Can I use the Dock for boating/fishing?

Absolutely! We encourage boaters to use our dock and come up for some delicious seafood to make their water adventure complete. We ask that if you park in our lot that you park all the way in the back and only for 3 hours max.